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SVB Cuban American Dance Music Miami

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Miami, Florida has a brand new band hitting the Latin American music scene! The Cuban American Dance music group SVB is already making headlines with their cutting-edge tunes! Their name stems from the initials of the three member’s stage names: Seven (Michael Da La Nuez), Vitto (Cesar Cordero), and Bartet (Juan Bartet). They feature Cubano flavored rap which Seven performs with Vitto as DJ and back up vox. Bartet handles the songwriting. The most unbelievable thing about this band is that they have only been together since June of this year and already have tracks trending. Being Miami boys, the band brings a very distinct Cuban influence to their contagious dance sounds with years of experience under their belts.

Seven is an avid poet and loves literature, which has in turn fused the language barrier between Spanish and English with a sense of joining together quality cross language lyrics, creating more fans with varied musical tastes. Vitto’s profound ability to DJ has helped them monumentally gain a foothold in what it takes to survive in a rough dance music territory “In Miami”. And with his golden voice, Vitto adds a dimension that blends perfectly with Seven’s raps. To check them out, head over to their page on Facebook or their website at SVBMusic.com.

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Pitbull Rapper

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Pitbull, born Armando Christian Perez, has been a hit since his debut in 2002 when he did an album with Lil’ Wayne. Lil’ Wayne who frequents Miami, Pitbull’s hometown, recognized Pitbull Rapper had the skillz. Pitbull’s music and hot music videos are popular in the US and Latin American countries. He’s been building momentum in the Latin rap community for a decade now. Perez is of Cuban decent and was born in Miami. While he is Cuban, he is a white Cuban, most likely of Castillian Spanish descent and has blue eyes, so early on, this was an issue for him getting cred in the Cubano community of Latino meztizas and criollas. His proving grounds were the streets of Miami, he began dealing drugs.

When he was sixteen his mother kicked him out of the house, because Pitbull was dealing and this was starting to threaten her safety. Yet that didn’t stop him from graduating from Miami Coral Park High School and starting his rapping career. When he was trying to start his music career, he got blown off a lot by record industry peeps who didn’t see the explosive market appeal of Latin rap. He gave an insider an explanation as to why he chose the stage name “Pitbull” by stating, “They bite to lock. And they’re outlawed in Dade County. They’re basically everything that I am. It’s been a constant fight.” His music has been in many films such as: 2 Fast 2 Furious, Easy A, Dance Flick, Step Up 2: The Streets etc. Check out his Youtube video “Suavamente” which has over 46 million views.

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Trade Show Exhibits Las Vegas

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The Design Factory features high quality, attention-getting and innovative booth displays, exhibition stands and trade show exhibits las vegas that you can either rent or buy. What makes the Design Factory stand out even more in the trade show exhibits las vegas marketplace is the level of service they provide and follow-through including complete set-up and take-down if needed.

Recently, The Design Factory was ultra excited to host a tv commercial for the Blackberry Torch 4G by AT&T featuring Paulina Rubio. Paulina is a multi-talented Mexican singer, model, actress and celebrity. Blackberry, AT&T and Paulina Rubio used the offices of The Design Factory because of their impressive design, instead of using a set to shoot this tv commercial. While Paulina Rubio appeared briefly in the commercial production as “the new boss”, The Design Factory spared no expense in providing a huge dressing room with all luxuries available regardless for this world renowned celebrity, which also showcased the level of service they provide all their clientele.

The bottom line is that The Design Factory doesn’t just feature impressive trade show exhibits and excellence in conceptualizing and designing exhibition stands, but their offices also speak for their creative design aesthetic and visual appeal.

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La Dieta Alcalina

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La Dieta Alcalina es una dieta que intenta corregir errores del pasado.

Me explico:

Todos tenemos un sistema de equilibrio interno llamado “Equilibrio del pH”. El pH sanguíneo debe permanecer muy cercano a 7,35 de lo contrario moriríamos.

Dieta Alcalina S La Dieta Alcalina

Las costumbres dietéticas equivocadas, el estrés, las emociones negativas, tóxicos ambientales, trabajo físico intenso, ingesta de medicinas convencionales y muchos otros factores crean residuos ácidos en nuestro sistema. Si el cuerpo no ha sido capaz de eliminarlos con rapidez y volver al equilibrio, comienza a extremar recursos para contrarrestar los ácidos.

Por ejemplo, toma minerales de los huesos como el calcio (alcalinos) para poder volver al equilibrio. Si ésto pasa día tras día por mucho tiempo llega un momento que los huesos se debilitará y provocará Osteoporosis.

Cuando hay acidosis en nuestro terreno interior todos los órganos y funciones pierden eficacia y a largo plazo aparecerán las enfermedades.

El paso más sencillo para revertir esta situación es seguir una Dieta Alcalina. Los alimentos alcalinos son el camino corto a la recuperación de muchas de las enfermedades que padecemos.

En mi caso, gracias a ésta dieta me he recuperado de Fibromialgia. La he padecido varios años hasta que cambié mis hábitos dietéticos.

Puede comenzar hoy mismo GRATIS descargándose la “Tabla de pH de los Alimentos” en http://goo.gl/RUcqf

Gabriel Gaviña


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Hispanic Community Online

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There’s a new U.S. Hispanic community online called estamos UNIDOS that is attracting Hispanics to explore what it means to be Hispanic in the Estados Unidos today. After a quick online sign-up (you can also sign up through Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo) you can join the community and start a discussion or share an opinion. You can participate en Ingles o en Espanol. When you join estamos UNIDOS, you can also read discussions and “Like” posts even if you don’t want to express yourself. This new Hispanic community online can especially help Latinos address serious issues and promote dialogue and discussion between Latinos on important topics that impact the largest minority in America, the Hispanic community.

eu new logo v3 words only sm Hispanic Community Online

One of the biggest issues facing the Hispanic community is the lack of funding for art and music education programs in public schools across the country, especially in school systems in inner cities and in states like California, New Mexico and New York where school budgets are being cut and art and music programs are especially hit hard by budget number crunching. Of course, these states have a high population of Hispanics and a high percentage of Hispanic children attending these schools. Without formal education in art and music, this impacts the next generation of musicians and artists and especially Latino musicians and artists. While there are some private foundations that foster art and music programs in the Hispanic community, schools should be more resourceful about finding avenues to keep art and music programs alive. So, join today and be a part of estamos UNIDOS and also check out the estamos UNIDOS Facebook page.

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If you love Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and you aren’t familiar with Moombahton, you should check it out. What is Moombahton? It is a genre within EDM similar to reggaeton which most EDM club aficionados are familiar with, especially its style and drum beats. For a Wiki that details the origin of Moombahton, visit ElectronicDanceMusic.com, a comprehensive source on all genres of Electronic Dance Music.

edm logo 72 300x300 Moombahton

Moombahton is one of the newest styles of Electronic Dance Music, having been born on the turntables just a little over two years ago when DJ and Producer Dave Nada slowed down an Electro House track at a basement dance party from approximately 128 bpm to 108 bpm. That track just happened to be titled “Moombah” and thereafter, that particular genre of Electronic Dance Music became known as Moombahton. Dava Nada also produced the first Moombahton tracks, which featured his signature style along with Latin vocals. These seminal tracks set the pattern for the Moombahton drumbeats integrating bass drum beats with other drum beat types such as snare drum or bongos. This drumbeat pattern also prevails in Reggaeton and Soca (Afro dance rhythm from Trinidad / Tobago). Even though Dave Nada literally invented Moombahton, the DJ hasn’t laid down tight rules over other Moombahton artists…other than to state that to be considered Moombahton, a track has has to stay at 108bpm.

Some of the hottest Moombahton artists besides its originator Dave Nada are: Munchi, DJ Sabo who mixes in Latin flavor into his tracks, Heartbreak and DJ Melo.

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Indie Music Marketing

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The internet and social media marketing offers you, as a performer, or your band, the ability to promote your music> online to a potential audience of billions of people who love music and enjoy downloading songs. “Liking” bands and performers on Facebook, watching Youtube video clips, following bands and performers on Twitter, attending live concert performances or watching live events streaming online are what music fans indulge in. And in addition, a percentage of those people will be the music experts and “authorities” which you need to attract to help promote your music and make your band go viral.

The book “Your Band Is A Virus”, written by James Moore, offers up the best tips and tricks to help music artists promote themselves, including cultivating music “authorities”. YourBandIsAVirus.com explores how your band can literally go viral if you follow the marketing advice and expertise which the author shares with you. Learn the ins and outs of music marketing to be successful in today’s highly competitive indie music scene. Less and less artists are being signed to recording contracts by record labels. The “major label music model” is essentially becoming more outdated as the internet and social media offer an immediate and accessible platform for indie music marketing that didn’t exist before.

IMP Indie Music Marketing

Independent Music Promotions offers indie bands and artists of all genres quality promotion services for their latest release. Check out IndependentMusicPromotions.com for more details and download and read the ebook “Your Band is a Virus” to ramp up your music marketing and go viral.

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El Kallejero Desde Mi Corazon Album Release

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From Merceneri Records, a new album release by El Kallejero… El Kallejero’s debut release showcases the amazing Latin Pop, Musica Urbana and R&B singer performing 12 original tunes that came literally from within his heart. El Kallejero’s life has shaped his music and while his life has been tough, he offers up his own heart through his music which he sings to the streets, to Latin people and “to Love”. El Kallejero’s “Desde Mi Corazon” album just hit the streets on February 6th. The first single is “Tu Eres Para Mi” and is available at Merceneri Records website – Merceneri.com – as well as at 500 digital stores including Amazon.com. This first single also features the popular Latin hiphop artist Pelon. In addition to digital delivery, “Desde Mi Corazon” is available on CD, so if you prefer owning and playing a CD to digital media, check your local music stores in the Latin Music or Urban Music (Musica Urbana) sections as the CD will be shipped to over 86 countries around the world.

For more information about El Kallejero, bookings, record distro, etc., contact Ernesto Neri of Merceneri Records via email at e_neri@merceneri.com. In store appearances are planned, so if you would like to coordinate an in store appearance by El Kallejero in support of his record release, email Ernesto to discuss the details. Since music speaks louder than words, here is the music video for “Tu Eres Para Mi” featuring El Kallejero:

The song combines an ethereal dreamy R&B flavor contrasted with an urban Latin rap ritmo. Would you like to discover a new Latin Music star before he goes viral? Then discover El Kallejero now so you can say you knew about his music before the whole Latino world did.

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Mana Tickets

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Looking for the best place to buy Mana Tickets for their upcoming 2012 shows? ManaTickets.com is your source for Mana Tickets, updates on Mana concert events and Mana news. You can buy your Mana tickets online or call the ticket office toll free number during business hours: 800-801-8425 to place your order.

Mana is a Latin music group that has been blessed with longevity as Mana has spanned several decades since their humble start in Guadalajara, Mexico back in the late 70′s. While different band members have left and others have joined this Latin supergroup, the music is fantastico. Mana has a style all their own that has been described as a fusion of pop rock, Latin rock along with some Caribbean island influences including calypso and reggae. Mana sell out large venues whenever they tour and they tour worldwide. Their fans love the band and their music and you can hear their fans singing to their live songs, yes, their fans are so enamored with their favorite banda, they know the words to each Mana song. Each Mana live show is an event, full of amazing energy and a stunning light show that complements the style of each song. Mana performs a mix of their popular ballads, love songs, and rock songs.

You don’t want to miss seeing Mana perform live this year. They will be playing live in only 36 US cities, so check out the live Mana concert locations this year and purchase your Mana Tickets now before they sell out!

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Juanes Tickets

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If you want to see the hottest Colombian superstar on tour in 2012 (no not Shakira!), then you should get your Juanes Tickets ahora! Juanes sings only en espanol, yes, he is a purist when it comes to his Latin raices (roots). And even if you are not Latino, the energy, the beauty and the emotion of his songs shines through. Juanes puts on an amazing live show, usually with a rock style band featuring Juanes on guitar and of course, vocals. But Juanes will typically also play a few songs solo acoustic. Juanes is not only an amazing performer and songwriter, he is also an activist for many causes impacting Latin people, not only in Colombia, but in Cuba and Latin America. When you go to a Juanes show, you are also supporting Juanes’ efforts for la paz, for unity, for helping victims of landmines, for la libertad! Juanes is sometimes referred to as the Colombian Bono (U2) because he has grown larger than his music as far as his influence in many important charitable causes. He has also garnered many Grammy awards, continually tops the Latin music charts and fills venues in the US, Latin America and also in Europe.

Don’t miss this chance to see Juanes on tour in 2012. You can buy your tickets online at JuanesTickets.com and choose your seating at the venue closest to you. JuanesTickets.com has seats available in all areas at every venue where Juanes will be touring. Pay securely online and then your tickets can be Fed Ex’d to you or you can pick up your tickets at one of 1,000 ticket outlets, choose one close to you if you prefer to pick up your tickets in person. Or call 888-216-9668 to order your tickets in person during ticket office business hours.

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La fama de bieber en Latinoamerica

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Justin Bieber has fans all over the world, but is mega popular in Latin America. His fans are known collectively as Beliebers. His Latin fans, primarily female, can’t get enough of their heartthrob, Justin Bieber. These aficionadas read every news or blog story about him, save Fotos de Bieber on their phones and computers, decorate their bedrooms with Justin Bieber posters, tweet about him 24/7 on Twitter, dream about Justin and chat about him endlessly. They also make their own Youtube videos performing personalized versions of his songs, or videos of themselves dancing to his music or confessing their love of Bieber. Justin Bieber is clearly their one and only idol.

While many music idols have existed since the 1950′s when popular music first launched singers as idols, there has never been an idol as popular worldwide and in Latin America as Justin Bieber. He sells millions of records, millions of music downloads, sells out every live show and causes riots whenever he goes to places in Latin America.

What created Bieber fever? Bieber fever was literally born on Youtube and while he was discovered and developed by his tour manager, Scooter Braun, he was first discovered and popularized by his fans. Justin Bieber was literally a small town boy in Canada who wrote and performed his own songs and put them up on Youtube. Whether he was truly hoping to be discovered and become a star, or whether he was just like any other young singer who wanted a virtual audience for his music, he has achieved a level of superstardom that no other musical artist ever has. La fama de bieber en Latinoamerica es un fenómeno extraordinario.

aficionadas de Justin Bieber corre al hotel para ver Justin Bieber en Chile

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Shakira Waka Waka

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Shakira Waka Waka mp3 Shakira Waka Waka

Are you a fan of Shakira and her hot Waka Waka tune? The Shakira Waka Waka tune was co-written by Colombian songstress Shakira and her songwriting partner and producer. Shakira’s Waka Waka tune became her biggest worldwide hit song and her most popular mp3 with over a million online downloads. The Shakira Waka Waka song sampled traditional indigenous music of African tribal fighters woven into an energetic world music dance song also featuring Calypso and Afro-Columbian rhythms. Shakira’s Waka Waka tune reached millions of people live when it was featured as the official song of the Fifa World Cup 2010 and was played at the opening ceremony. Her song was also co-released in English and in Spanish (under a different song title en Espanol for her Latin fans).

Shakira’s Waka Waka music video on Youtube was viewed over 370,000,000 times, yes, that’s not a typo, the Waka Waka music video views catapulted the Shakira Waka Waka tune to the #3 most watched video on Youtube ever. Want to listen to Shakira’s Waka Waka tune again? You should view the Waka Waka Youtube video and listen now at WakaWakaMp3.com or if you don’t already have the mp3 or mp4, treat yourself and download it now. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) is a great song to dance to, to run to, to work out to (think: stairmaster, elliptical) or a great song to keep in your iPod when you’re in the mood to listen to a high energy drumbeat driven Shakira Waka Waka mp3.

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Latino Times News from the Social World

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Latino Times News from the Social World…Are you tired of reading the same old news written by reporters whose job it is to churn out stories just to meet their publication’s deadline? Are you tired of media generated stories that are overly sensational or one-sided depending on the political orientation of the media outlet? Are you looking for more targeted news for you and latinos in general? Latino Times worldwide is a totally new way for latinos to get their news. All news stories at LatinoTimes.com come from the social network world. This means real news from real people. News stories at Latino Times include Headline News, Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Stories, Technology, Society, Education and more. News articles and stories are available in their original language (English or Spanish). Las noticias están disponibles en inglés o español. And the news at Latino Times is also available translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Japanese with a simple mouse click. There is also a Latino Times blog and community.

At LatinoTimes.com you can also review recent news archives if you’re looking for something specific. News “spotters” spot and submit important news stories. Latino Times also maintains a Twitter feed stocked with tweets to notify you of new stories / noticias of interest to latinos. And you can tweet news stories you like or share them on Facebook. It’s very difficult for latinos to find real news of real interest. LatinoTimes.com does that for you, with a new social network element that gives you more in depth new reportage from a personal level.

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Tejano Music Stars

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Two of the most influential Tejano (Mexican-Texan or Tex-Mex) music artists are Emilio Navaira and the late, great Selena. Emilio was born in San Antonio, Texas and began singing and playing guitar on a cheap guitarro purchased at a pawn shop when he was a boy. By the time he reached the end of high school, he was gifted enough to receive a scholarship to attend a Texas university where he majored in music and after graduation, planned to become a music teacher. His intent was to pass on the love of music to youth. Emilio’s songs began charting in the 90′s, many years after he had been grinding it out on the road in Texas and northern Mexico to build the loyal Tejano fan base for his heartfelt songs. Emilio Navaira also found a way to give back to youth by forming his own charitable foundation “Tejanos for Children” and donating to other children’s charities including a children’s hospital and The Miracle Network.

Almost everyone knows the sad story of Selena’s life and her tragic death. Jennifer Lopez played Selena in Selena’s bio-pic in 1997. Selena Quintanilla was born in Lake Jackson, Texas to a family who suffered an unfortunate financial loss then became homeless, living out of a bus, and surviving on money Selena earned singing on the road in Texas. Selena’s beauty, voice and evocative songs earned her the title of “Queen of Tejano”. She was just on the verge of crossover success and was going to be releasing her first English language album when she was fatally shot by the head of her fan club. We have the music of Selena as solace, her music will live on forever.

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Rome, Italy, Vatican Live Tours

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Interested in Rome, Italy, Vatican Live Tours? Have you dreamed of touring Vatican City and seeing the beautiful museums and sites in the most unique city in the world? Make your trip to Rome the most memorable it can be by taking a live Vatican Tour. What is even more impressive about taking a live Vatican Tour with the premier tour company Live Vatican Tours is that all of the tour guides are all native English speakers with academic backgrounds. This means you will be touring with the most knowledgeable tour guides who provide Vatican tour service.

Vatican Museum Tours Rome, Italy, Vatican Live Tours

You may have heard you can get on an economy Vatican tour if you’re willing to go in a large group and endure long lines. Is this really what you want? This is a trip of a lifetime for you and your travel companion(s) and no expense should be spared in seeing Vatican City or the world renowned Vatican museums, sculptures, architecture and paintings including St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Gardens. There are also tours which include the Christian catacombs, the Roman Forum and Coliseum. Private and semi-private tours are available. Of course, there is plenty to see in Rome, but you should set aside time for a Vatican Tour!

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How to Play the Piano

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If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano, there’s no need to pay for expensive one-on-one live lessons with a piano teacher. The trend in almost all learning methods is to go with online lessons, this includes learning foreign languages like Spanish to learning to play musical instruments. How to play the piano isn’t that difficult if you apply yourself to learning, meaning you must set aside time to learn how to play and to practice as well.

bestwaytolearnpiano 300x60 How to Play the Piano

Piano Music is beneficial to the soul as it expresses emotions and is a creative outlet. Imagine the joy and pride you will feel when you master learning how to play the piano, not only for yourself, but also to play for others. There is a lot of Piano Music you would probably love to be able to play on your piano. Why not start learning how to play the piano now? There is a long tradition of piano music in Latin Music and other styles of piano music from blues to jazz to classical to rock and more. If your piano is just something you dust every week, why? Don’t let that beautiful instrument just sit there, learn how to play the piano. It’s not difficult, especially if you follow detailed online courses that show you, step-by-step, how to play the piano.

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Latino Times

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Latino Times is a unique news site for the modern Latino. How so? Latino Times depends on Latino news “spotters” who find stories utilizing social media around the globe and submit the news stories to Latino Times. The site is essentially for Latinos, by Latinos. If you want to be a news spotter, you can register to particpate in bringing important new stories to other Latinos via LatinoTimes.com. On LatinoTimes.com, there are noticias en Espanol y en Ingles, so that you can read the posted stories in their language of origin. Or you can utilize convenient translation icons to translate news stories into popular languages, including Spanish and English, but also Portuguese, French, German and Japanese.

Social media and social networking is really the way that people now interact on the internet, so that it makes sense to utilize noticias featuring tecnologia, deportes, historias, negocios, arte, cultura y espectáculos y videos populares sourced from social media by Latinos to create a news “network” website for Latinos with the latest titulares and news stories conveniently organized on the main page.

You can also find Latino Times on Facebook to join the Latino Times Facebook community and follow Latino Times on Twitter to keep on top of the latest noticias. And you can subscribe to Latino Times with one simple mouse click. A convenient search feature gives you the ability to search for pertinent news stories or persons in the news. Every day, Latino Times lists how many news spotters contributed stories.

Newspapers are becoming more and more outdated every day. Not only do they consume a tremendous amount of resources for distribution and are essentially not eco-friendly either, but also, people are just not using newspapers culturally as much as they are reading news on the internet on their computers or mobile devices. Newspapers are static printed sheets with no ability to search for specific stories at your fingertips. And also, newspapers cost money, not much, but if you want to read news every day, newspapers can be an expensive way to source your news. In addition, most newspapers are printed in either English or Spanish. Only the internet gives you the power to immediately translate news stories into another language, either your native language or a language you may be studying. In addition, since newspapers are only printed once a day, they can’t be updated with a crucial breaking news story, or have the fluidity to display different media, such as videos, photo slide shows, or display photos in high resolution.

Reality is that newspapers are no longer the go-to source for the noticias or deportes or historias. News online with social media integration is the way of the future and the future is here now for Latinos with LatinoTimes.com. You don’t have to write the stories, but when you find a story of interest to Latinos, if you are a registered news spotter, you can submit the story to LatinoTimes.com. This is a proactive way to participate in news gathering. Or if your sole preference is to read the news, then all the news gathering has been done for you without the bias of newspaper editors. LatinoTimes.com is truly for Latinos, by Latinos.

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Learn English for Free

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One of the biggest hurdles for native Spanish speakers in learning English is to learn Verbos en Ingles – verbs in English. English verbs are used differently than Spanish verbs and it takes some time and attention to acquire the knowledge on how to use English verbs correctly, and to especially learn the difference between regular and irregular verbs. Spanish is a much easier and consistent language related to its use of verbs than English.

At Linguim.com, you can learn a new language for free! Unlike Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur and similar language courses which cost hundreds of dollars, if you are a native English speaker, Linguim.com gives you the opportunity to learn Spanish, Portuguese, French or Latin for free! And if you are a native Spanish speaker, Linguim.com gives you the opportunity to learn English, Portuguese, French or Latin for free! Linguim is adding new languages to its site shortly, so check back soon for more new languages which will be available to learn for free. These new languages for English speakers will include Chinese, Italian, German, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Dutch and Polish. For Spanish speakers, this will include Polish.

Learning a new language can be a powerful communication tool for you to get a better job or to have more fun when traveling to a foreign country if you can speak the language with the people who live there. In addition, learning Latin has applications relative to different university degrees, including medical and law related degrees.

So if you are a Spanish speaker learning English, and need some tips on Verbos en Ingles and more language learning tips, be sure to consult Linguim.com.

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Francisco Mendoza, 1958-2012 – Chicago Tribune

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francisco mendoza 1958 2012 chicago tribune Francisco Mendoza, 1958 2012   Chicago TribuneChicago Tribune
Francisco Mendoza, 1958-2012
Chicago Tribune
“They used traditional Mexican motifs and participated with him in creating new Mexican art.” Mr. Mendoza's work includes a mural at the South Chicago YMCA. He also designed Venetian glass murals that cover the front of the Orozco Career Academy …
The Pilsen Picasso: Francisco Mendoza, 1958-2012ChicagoNow (blog)

all 2 news articles

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Bilingual Music Children

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Teaching children Spanish or enhancing a child’s natural bilingual learning capability is easy with children’s music that is bilingual Spanish-English. There is a brand new cd album release featuring songs for learning Spanish titled “Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish”. You can find out more about this children’s music album at SingwithSenor.com. Or if you are a teacher, educator or parent interested in educational material featuring bilingual songs for learning Spanish, you can buy the “Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish” album by clicking the banner to buy the album at SingwithSenor.com.

Uno Dos Art 300x297 Bilingual Music Children

It’s critical more than ever for children to be bilingual in America and bilingual music children is a key to becoming fully bilingual. In many American cities, Spanish is rapidly becoming the predominant or co-dominant language. Where I live in Miami, Florida, it is estimated that 75% of the city’s population speaks Spanish as their first language. I plan on raising bilingual children. Songs for learning Spanish will be perfect educational material for my children to become bilingual Spanish-English. Children’s music makes it fun for children to learn. “Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish” by Sing with Senor was developed for both teachers and students and parents and children. The feedback on the album has been very positive. As additional educational material, the Lyrics to the songs on “Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish” can be downloaded or printed at SingwithSenor.com and Lesson Plans are also included on the website so that teachers or parents can reinforce the learning experience within each song.

Buy the Album – on CDBaby.com – Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish

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